Piper.Org - The Future

Hi friends! #Piper here.

First of all, thanks to the thousands of people who support piper.org. I know it may be difficult to understand my role and intentions, but just trust the un-trustable here! :)

I have a daily opportunity and platform for Expression, Dance, Arts & Data. Analytics. I got you on the one?? I’m nerdy. It’s stellar.

Quick story:

Several nights ago I was with former Boss Lady (but still #BossLady, Melinda Burke) at The University of Arizona Alumni Mixer. We enjoyed a laugh about my first position with the organization, which ended up being an incredible launching pad for my career.

Here’s the short version. Months after Miss AZ, I NEEDED and WANTED a job because #intellectual #conversations are my jam. I took the position in data entry because, why not? I’ll make it fun! It’s with the Alumni Association!


ever heard of fish out of water? for a short while, I was not utilizing my strengths. or any strengths. I was a confused sponge.

but I learned. I learned data analytics, conversions, non-profit structure…blah.

#hint. There’s a lesson here. Always take the opportunity to learn.

story over…

I then went on to learn media sales. then, development for a hospital.

I gathered all of the tools I needed and wanted, made a life change (let’s not do that again) and said, “Letszz go!”

But for now, I need to go learn how to master IT issues. oh. entrepreneurship.

Piper.Org is going to bear fruit soon.

Ciao. P

ps. UA Dance & Design ranked 9….like, of all time (Nationally.) I’m grateful for the connection! #BearDown& Go #DanceMajors. Click here to learn how wonderful UA Dance Is.